At the EISNER LAW OFFFICES our goal is to protect your legal rights.

Initiating a lawsuit can be a complicated endeavor. Donald A. Eisner, Ph.D. JD. is an attorney, psychologist and educator with 25 years of legal experience. A just result is what we seek to obtain for each client.

You will be treated personally and professionally. Our firm will work with you at every stage of the legal process. Our practice areas are: Professional and business license defense, personal injury, trademark law and education law.


If you have questions about a threat to practice your occupation, we provide professional & business license defense. Your first call should be to an experienced attorney who can protect your rights. Speaking to an investigator or State official can come back to haunt you. Further, if your business is under investigation we step in and offer legal representation.

For both professional and business defense EISNER LAW OFFICES will go to bat for you up through an administrative hearing. We have represented clients at a variety of Agencies and Boards.

Our services include: Initial assessment and attempts to resolve the matter at the earliest point possible, settlement negotiations, reinstatement and petitions for reconsideration, representation at an administrative hearing, writs and appeals.


Personal injury claims or lawsuits begin when there is an allegation of a negligent act.

Our efforts are geared toward resolving the matter as early as possible through settlement negotiations or mediation.

In the case of personal injury we handle a variety of situations when others are negligent. For example if you are a victim in a car accident we will file a case against a defendant. We will seek current and future medical care. We deal with dog bites, premises liability as well as catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury. In instances when a therapist is negligent, we handle psychotherapy malpractice.


Our focus is on protecting the rights of students. It is recommended to have legal representation at the outset of a potential problem. This is especially so if there is an “informal” interview or meeting. EISNER LAW OFFICES provides consultation as well as representation at hearings or in Superior Court.

We help with a variety of situations including: improper dismissal from a program, fraudulent advertising regarding accreditation, changes in school policy in midstream, negligent supervision of a thesis or dissertation, and conflict of interest with a faculty member.


Brand protection is essential to your business. At EISNER LAW OFFICES we strive the handle each and every matter in a cost effective and thorough manner. If you are starting a business, or expanding your products or services, a federally registered trademark will help protect your name.

We can help with searches, applications and other matters that arise to protect your brand.

EISNER LAW OFFICES provides legal services throughout Southern California from Santa Barbara to Riverside to San Diego .


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